Brain & Body Methodology will help you integrate healthy habits and routine to your lifestyle while developing specific movement patterns necessary for balanced body function.

I consider following areas to be crucial to operate on your highest level, feel and look great in your body.


Healthy routine allows you to foster habits that match your goals and aspirations. They help you to eradicate bad habits that don’t align with your future vision of yourself. Your success will be born in your daily routine.


Your habits will design your future. It’s necessary to change self-sabotaging behaviours to be healthy & happy in your body. There are no tricks or short cuts; you must address your habits to achieve change that will last a lifetime.


Environmental factors such as stress management, sleep, food, exercise and happiness play a pivotal role in ageing. The sooner you admit you will be old one day, the sooner you can do something about it and prevent many issues and pains later in life.


Are you tired of being tired all the time, and have no energy for things you once enjoyed? Combination of appropriate movement practice, healthy eating habits, stress management techniques and improved sleep routine often do the trick.


No human can be perfectly healthy in the long term if they don’t move well. Biomechanics focuses on how muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments work together in the human body. I see it as a fundamental practice to get people in better shape, prevent injuries, and improve overall life quality.


As a result of developing discipline in all of the critical areas above, you will lose body fat and improve your body composition. Whereas most people focus on restricting themselves and suffering, you will intelligently re-build your way of living and thinking.