Nutrition and exercise training are necessary parts of physical change. However, the right mindset is the missing ingredient to most people’s attempt at achieving their fitness goals. As such, I’ve created The Fitness Equation to demonstrate the three elements necessary for achieving and sustaining your fitness goals.




Too many people begin their fitness journey with the wrong mindset; they believe the more they suffer, the quicker they will achieve their goal. They often end up doing too much of the wrong exercise and eating too little of the wrong food. They may achieve some progress initially, but as soon as “life happens,” they slip to their previous habits and end up in the same place as they started, or even worse.


This can be very damaging to your health, confidence and self-belief system.


Hence why my packages are crafted with three goals:


1) Change your mindset about your body and fitness.

2) Empower you with tools to control your nutrition and habits.

3) Understand the training principles necessary for achieving your goals.


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“You can’t out-train a bad diet, and you can’t outwork the wrong mindset.”