Meditation & Movement Talk (30 mins)

  • In this talk, we cover why Meditation & Movement are the two building blocks that lay the foundation for a healthy and happy life. 

Meditation Practice (30 mins)

  • A short, guided mindfulness meditation followed by silent meditation as a group.

Movement Practice (1 hour)

  • Exploring Movement and how the body can help the brain and vice versa. 

How To Fix Your Own Body – MFR (30 mins)

  • Targeting the main culprits of bad posture using myofascial release technique so that you can be your massage therapist for life. 

Breathing Techniques (30 mins)

  • To soothe our nervous systems and allow all that has been learnt to really sink in.

Take Home Your Very Own ‘Inspire Now Journal’.

  • So that you can properly plan your days and make your health a habit from this day onwards!

Our 3 hour Brain & Body Workshop created to accommodate 5-10 people. 

This workshop is for groups of colleagues or groups of family or friends who would like to learn more about how to finally start making their health a habit!